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WWHRD? June 6, 2007

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Life is filled with great moments as well as setbacks. Today, I lost a major contract. Things weren’t going well with the project and frankly, I did not want to be associated with it anymore about 3 meetings ago. There was this feeling that the client and the sales team just weren’t getting it.

Still, I’m plagued with feelings of failure and embarrassment from the perceived “loss”. When in reality, I am happy to not have to go back to more meetings with this client under these circumstances. Sour Grapes? More like silver lining.

In the future when I start to get these feelings of things not gelling, I need to ask. What Would howard roark Do? I would have been much happier had I walked away from the project that was not a good fit instead of trying to force something that was not meant to be.

My sincere well wishes to the client for a successful project. Thank heavens I do not need to go to any more meetings!


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