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Xerox 1.0 the birth of Viral June 8, 2007

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I love blogs. Each A.M. I zip through my RSS feeds to see what has been rediscovered over the last evening, because at this point there is nothing new. It seems everything is Viral, one person grabs hold and like blood in the water the 2.0 space is filled with shark fins.

Being an old timer, we used to have viral as well. We used tracing paper for our handbills and manuscripts.:)

My favorite “viral” piece is hanging on my wall in front of my work desk. It is a cherished photocopy. Unfortunately, I can’t look at the tags and headers to know its whole life but this much I do know.

About a year ago in a moment of personal crisis, an acquaintance, whom I now call a friend, was trying to offer comfort. We went into his office and he took down the paper, that was hanging in front of his desk for me to read. He explained that he had had this piece of advice in excess of 20 years and it was given to him from an important mentor who also held it in high regard.


Old Skool Viral


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