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I can’t complain October 17, 2007

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I have discovered a new concept on the interwebs, the 30 day free trail.  It works this way, take any thing in your life that you want to change or try and give it 30 days.  Springing into action I immediately signed myself up for several trials, the first being “I will not complain”.  What do I have to complain about anyways in the grand scheme of things.

My next move was to jam everything in my life that I ever wanted to do into a 30 day free trial.  For the first several days this was wondrous but it began to feel like I had signed myself up for bottled water delivery service and just couldn’t keep up.  And then, I couldn’t keep up.

And then I failed.  Now we all know that failing sucks so imagine the order of magnitude at failing at the trial.   Devastating.

Or not so devastating?  I did get to keep the free gift, lessons learned.  I can always re institute the trial later?  I’m still not complaining….Am I.


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